Ready-To-Drink Premium Cocktails made with Our Award-Winning Spirits

Southern Tier Distilling company’s approach to canned cocktails begin with three classics – reinterpreted with a craft twist reminiscent of Southern Tier Brewing Company’s approach to sophisticated, flavorful craft beers. By using high end ingredients such as cardamon, chamomile, elderflower, and more, STDC was able to develop flavors that maintain classic familiarity, while incorporating an element of the unexpected to add excitement and novelty. These cocktails bring mixologist-level detail any occasion!

Our founder, Phin DeMink, sought to create distinctive canned cocktails – a refreshing and dry Gin & Tonic, a sweet and savory Vodka Madras and a spicy and boozy Bourbon Smash – similarly to how he created Southern Tier Brewing Company’s early craft beers. The three utilize some of Phin’s favorite ingredients to add unique character synonymous to Southern Tier’s distinct approach. Each cocktail is made with STDC’s distilled spirits. The Empty Bottle, Southern Tier’s Lakewood, NY distillery tasting room is continually testing and developing innovative cocktails.

Southern Tier Distilling Company’s ready-to-drink canned cocktails are available now in New York spirits retailers, and can be found in New Jersey, and Ohio. Cheers!

Learn more about Vodka Madras, Bourbon Smash and Gin & Tonic.

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