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SIP Award Winners!

Craft Cocktails Take SIP Awards The results are in from San Diego, and they’re worth noting! Our canned cocktail line was a highlight of the competition. Vodka Madras took the highest honors possible by being awarded “Best of Class, Platinum,”…

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The results speak for themselves. Our canned cocktails did great at @sipawards! Vodka Madras received Best of Class: Platinum, followed by Gin & Tonic with Platinum. Our third canned craft cocktail, Bourbon Smash, was awarded Silver, as was its namesake, Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Three cheers! Now, which to open first? #sipawards #craftspirits #craftdistillery @sipawards

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RT @NEOhioSuperior: Congrats to @STDCspirits for getting each of their canned cocktails recognized at the 2019 Sip Awards! Platinum and Bes…

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